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Yarnall, Ellis. Wordsworth and the Coleridges; with other memories literary and political. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 9+331 p. 8°, cl., $3.

Yeats, S. Levett. Heart of Denise, and other tales. N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 1899. c. '98. 5+272 p. il. D. cl., $1.25.

*Yonge, Charlotte Mary. Cameos from English history: the eighteenth century. 9th ser. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 8+ 352 p. 16°, cl., net, $1.25.

*Yonge, Charlotte Mary. Henrietta's wish. 2d ed. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 300 p. 12°, cl., $1.25.

Yonge, Charlotte Mary. The herd boy and his hermit; il. by W. S. Stacey. N. Y., T: Whittaker, 1899. C. 4-258 p. il. D. cl., $1.25.

The events of the story are brought about by the condition of England during the Wars of the Roses, when the houses of York and Lancaster were arrayed against each other. A member of one these noble houses is in hiding as a herd boy. One night on the moor he finds a lost little girl, also of noble birth, who

had wandered from Greystone Priory, where she had been placed for safe keeping. A romance grows out of this.

*#Yonge, Charlotte Mary. A pictorial his

tory of the world's great nation from the earliest dates to the present time. New ed. N. Y., Selmar Hess, 1899. 5 v., 400 p. 8°, cl., $20; hf. mor., $25. Yorke, Anthony. A college boy. N. Y., Benziger Bros., 1899. 2-224 p. D. cl., 85 c. The chronicle of a boy's first year at college. The events include a fire in the college, an unmerited accusation of theft against the young hero, his abduction by tramps, etc.

*Yorke, F. H:, M.D. Our ducks: a history of American ducks; nesting, roosting, feeding, and playing grounds; their habits throughout the year. Chic.. The American Field Publishing Co., 1899. 131 p. 12°, cl., $1.50.

Young, Egerton Ryerson. The apostle of the north, Rev. James Evans. N. Y. and Chic., Fleming H. Revell Co., [1899.] c. 3-262 p. por. D. cl., $1.25.

James Evans was an English missionary among the red men of the Hudson's Bay territories. He was born at Kingston-on-Hull in the year 1801. In 1828 he began

what may be called his life work; he was appointed to the charge of the Indian school at Rice Lake, a beautiful sheet of water several miles north of Lake Ontario. From here he penetrated further north, spending the balance of his life among the Indians. Besides interesting accounts of his civilizing work,


are unusually fresh and graphic descriptions of his journeys from place to place, through ice and snow and extreme cold, often pursued by wild animals and treacherous Indians.

Young, Egerton Ryerson. Winter adventures of three boys in the Great Lone Land; il. from drawings by J. E. Laughlin and from photographs. N. Y., Eaton & Mains, [1899.] c. 3-377 p. O. cl., $1.25.

Follows the book entitled "Three boys in the Wild North Land." In that volume the stories were those of the summer and fall. In the present volume they are of the winter and spring. Both volumes aim to give the correct idea of the Indian as he is to-day in regions where the author lived for years. The gospel, he says, has transformed his once cruel nature, but has not marred his cleverness and skill as a hunter or a guide.

*Young, Ja. Rankin, and Moore, J. Hampton. Reminiscences and thrilling stories of the war, by returned heroes. N. Y., Western W. Wilson, 1899. 650 p. il. pors. 8°, cl., subs., $2; mor., $2.75; full mor., $3.25. Young, Lucien. The real Hawaii; its history and present condition, including the true story of the revolution; a rev. and enl. ed. of "The Boston at Hawaii." N. Y., Doubleday & McClure Co., 1899. c. '98, '99. 9+ 371 p. il. D. cl., $1.50.

Lieutenant Young was on the U. S. S. Boston stationed at Honolulu in 1892 and 1893, before and after the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy. He claims to give the inside history of the revolution, his work being a defence of Minister Stevens and Captain Wiltse, the commander of the Boston. The present volume is brought up to date in every essential. Young, W: Wishmakers' Town; with an introductory note by T: Bailey Aldrich. Bost., Lamson, Wolffe & Co., 1898. c. '85, '98. 14+86 p. D. cl., $1.

A limited edition of this little volume of verse, "which seems to me in many respects unique," says Thomas Bailey Aldrich, in his introductory note, was issued in 1885, and has long been out of print. "The reissue of the book in its present form is in response to the desire of readers who have not forgotten the charm which the poem exercised upon them years ago." *Younghusband, G: J: The Philippines and round about. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 7+352 p. il. map, 16°, cl., net, $2.50.

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A young

This longer study of Devonshire peasant life shows the same traits of the sordid and the commonplace betrayed so unrelentingly in "Life is life." soldier buys his freedom when his regiment is ordered to India with money sent by his sweetheart. On his return he finds she has stolen this money and has left his uncle's farm in disgrace. He does not stand by her, and proves himself unreliable every time circumstances put him on trial. The characters, especially the women, are skilfully drawn. The end is tragedy."

*Zangwill, Israel. They that walk in darkness: ghetto tragedies. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 8+486 p. 12°, cl., $1.50. Zart, Gustav. The charm of Jesus; tr. from

the author's rev. notes by Walter Rauschenbusch. N. Y., T: Y. Crowell & Co., [1899.] c. 4-64 p. D. (What is worth while ser.) leatherette, 35 c.



- and Drechsler,



Decorative sculptor work for the decoration of façades, interiors, objects of art, etc. 1st ser. Y., Bruno Hessling, 1899. 60 il. 4°, portfolio, $8.

*Zickel's (Solomon.) Illustrirter deutschAmerikanischer Familien-kalender, 1900. N. Y., S. Zickel, 1899. 56 p. 4°, pap., 25 c. *Ziegenspeck, Rob., M.D. Massage treatment in diseases of women; authorized tr., by F. H. Westerschulte. Chic., Chicago Medical Book Co., 1899. 263 p. il. 8°, cl., net, $2.50.

*Ziegler, Ernst, M.D.


or, the science of the causes, nature and course of the pathological disturbances which occur in the living subject; from the 9th rev. German ed.; ed. by Albert H. Buck. N. Y., W: Wood & Co., 1899. 621 p. 1il. 8°, cl., net, $5; shp., net, $5.75.

Zorn, Philip. The constitutional position of the German emperor. Phil., American Acad. of Political and Social Science, 1899. 73-93 p. O. (Publications of the society, no. 257.) pap., 25 c.

This article is a lucid exposition of some of the dark points in the intricacies of German public law and re veals the emperor, though the head of a Federal State, clothed in many of the essential attributes of

General pathology; monarchy.


By Author, Title, and Subject


By Author, Title, and Subject, as recorded in The Publishers' Weekly.

Ai telegraph code. '99. (D23) 8°, net, $7.50 ..Am. Code
A B C universal commercial electric telegraphic code.
Thue, W. C. net, $5.
.......Am. Code
A. L. O. E. (pseud.) See Tucker, Mrs. C. M.
Abbatt, W: Crisis of the Revolution; story of Arnold
and André. '99. c. il. (N11) 8°, $20.......W: Abbatt
Abbe Constantin. Halévy, L: $1............. Crowell
Abbey on the moor. Jackson, L. E. Soc....... Nelson
Abbot, Willis J: Blue jackets of '98: history of the
Spanish-American war. '99. c. il. (D9) O. $1.50.
Abbott, A. C. Hygiene of transmissible diseases. '99.
C. 11. (Ag12) 8°, net, $2......

or equitable relief. V. 2.



Abbott, Austin. Forms of pleading in actions for legal '99. c. (D2) O. shp.. $6.50. Baker, V. & Co Abbott, B: V. and Austin. Clerks' and conveyancers' assistant. 2d ed. rev. and enl., by C. F. Birdseye. '99. (S16) O. shp., $6.... Baker, V. & Co Abbott, H: G. Modern photography. ['99.] c. '98. il. (Ags) D. $t...... ...Hazlitt Abbott, Kath. M. Trolley trips: the historic New England coast, etc. '99. c. il. (Je24) obl. Tt. pap.,


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.....K. M. Abbott


Abbott, Lyman. Life that really is: sermons. '99. c. (D9) 12°, $1.50..... Abhedananda, Swami. Vedanta philosophy. '99. (Ag19) 12°, pap., 25c....... ...Van Haagen About, Edm: Fs. Valentin. Le roi des montagnes; adapted and ed. by E. Weekley. '99. (07) 16°, (Siepminn's advanced Fr. ser.) net, 6oc...... .Macmillan About England with Dickens. Rimmer, A. $1.25. Scribner - the weather. Harrington, M. W. 65c...... Appleton Abrahams, Israel. Chapters on Jewish literature. '99. c. (Api) D. $1.25 ..Jewish Pub Abrojal, Tulis. An index finger. '98. c. '97. (Ap15) D. $1.25... Fenno Academy architecture and architectural review. '99. (J122) 4°, $2.50... ..Hessling

Accidents. See Calder, J:

Accumulators, Small. Marshall, P. 50c........ Spon Achard, Amédée. Belle-Rose; from the French by W: Hale. [99] c. '95, '98. il. (N4) D. $1.25..Howard, A Dragoons of La Guerche; from the French by R: Duffy. ['99.] (N4) D. $1.25 ...Howard, A Huguenot's love; from the French by R: Duffy. ['99.] c. '98. il. (N4) D. $1.25 ................ .....Howard, A - Sword of a Gascon; from the French by W: Hale. ['99.] c. '97, '98. il. (N4) D. $1.25..........Howard, A Ackworth, J: Making of the million: tales of the Twentieth century fund. ['99.] (S9) D. 35C. Eaton & M Acrobatic animals. Verbeck, F. $1.25........ Russell Acromegaly. Hinsdale, G. $1.50.... W: M. Warren Across India at the dawn of the twentieth century. Guiness, L. E. net, $1.50.. ..... Revell -the campus. Fuller, C. M. $1.50........... Scribner Acting and actors. See Leslie, A. Some players. Active service. Crane, S. $1.25... Actors in America. See Strang, L: C. - of the century. Whyte, F: $9......



Actresses, Famous, in America. See Strang, L: C.
Acts of the Apostles in Arabic. See Bible.

Ada Deene. Bell, R. H. $....... C: W. Moulton
Adam Johnstone's son. Crawford, F. M. $1.50.

Adams, C: Fs. fathers. '99. Adams, E: F.



Imperialism and the tracks of our fore(Ja21) O. pap., 25c... .....Estes Modern farmer in his business rela'99. (D2) 8°, subs., $3; $4; hf. mor., $5. N. J. Stone

Adams, Ellinor Davenport. Little Miss Conceit. 99.
il. (S16) S. 75C........
......A. I. Bradley
Adams, G: Transformer designs. 2d ed. '99. (F4)
12°, $1.50.....

Adams, G: Burton. European history. '99. il. (F25)
8°, ht. leath., net, $1.40....
Adams, G: M. See Gray, J. C.
Adams, H. Strains in iron work. New ed. '99. (F4)
12°, $2.
Adams, H: Austin. Westchester. '99. (Ja14) 12°, 75C.

Adams, Herbert B., (ed.) Jared Sparks and Alexis de
Tocqueville. ['98.] (Ja14) O. (Johns Hopkins Univ.
Adams, J: Coleman. Nature studies in Berkshire; il.
studies, 16th ser., no. 12), pap., 25c..... Johns Hopkins

in photogravure by A. Scott. '99. c. (Je10) O. $4.50. Futnam Adams, Oscar Fay. Archbishop's unguarded moment, and other stories. '99. c. il. (021) 12°, $1.25....Page Adams, W. I Lincoln. Amateur photography. 5th ed. rev. and enl. '99. C. '93, '99. il. (028) O. $1.25; .....Baker & T Adams, W: H: Davenport. Dewey and other great naval commanders. '99. il. (Ap8) 12°, $1... Routledge Adams, W: Taylor ["Oliver Optic."] Oliver Optic's annual. '99. il. (D9) 4°, bds., $1.25...

pap., 75c..


- and Stratemeyer, E: An undivided union. '99. c. il. (S16) D. (Blue and the gray-on land ser., no 6.) $1.50 Lee & S Function of the social settlement. Addams, Jane. ['99.] (15) O. (Pubs. of the soc., no. 251.) pap.. 25c. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci Addison, Jos. Essays and tales. '99. (J15) T. (National lib., new ser., v. 6, no. 309.) pap., 10c.....Cassell - and Steele, R: Sir Roger de Coverley papers; ed. by F. T. Baker and R: Jones. '99. c. por. (D2) D. (Twentieth century text-books.) bds., 40c.....Appleton - Same; and Spectator's Club. '99. (Je1o) T. (National lib., new ser., v. 6, no. 305.) pap., 10c... Cassell - Same; ed., with introd. and notes, by M. E. Litchfield. '99. c. (Mr11) D. (Standard Eng. classics.) soc. Ginn

Same; with introd. and notes by W: H: Hudson. '99. c. il. (Mr.) S. (Eng. classics.) 40c ........Heath -Same; ed., with notes and an introd, by Z. Gray. '99. (Ap8) 18°, (Pocket Eng. classics.) levanteen, net, Macmillan


(eds.) The tatler; ed., with introd. and notes, by G: A. Aitken. '99. 4 v. il. (My6) 8°, $10; hf. levant, $17.50...... . Hadley Addy, Sidney Oldall. Evolution of the English house. '99. il. (Ja21) 12°, (Social England ser.) $1.50.

Macmillan Ade, G: Doc' Horne: story of the streets and town. '99. c. l. (Jl22) S. $1.25 ... ........H. S. Stone Fables in slang. '99. c. il. (D9) S. $1.... H. S. Stone Adger, J: B. My life and times, 1810-1899. ['99.], por. (014) O. $3.... Fresb. Pub


..Badger Holt

Adler, Cyrus, (ed.) American Jewish year-book. '99. c. (S9) D. 75C....... ..Jewish Pub -and Casanowicz, I. M. Biblical antiquities: exhibit at the Cotton States Internat. Exposition. '98. (F4) 8°, pap., n. p...... ..Gov. Pr Administration, Am. law of. See Woerner, J. G. Adobeland stories. Reed, V. Z. $1.. Adrian Rome. Dawson, E. $1.25. Advanced speller. Benedict, M. G. Advent meditations. Coles, V. S. S. Adventures of a freshman. Williams, J. L. $1.25. Scribner Siberian cub. Slibitski. $1..........L. C. Page solicitor. Chesney, W. $1. Mansfield François. Mitchell, S. W. pap., 50c......Claflin

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