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Sedgewick, Foods; Evelyn 0. Denny, Textiles; Charles L. Kincannon, Apparel and Leather; Kenneth E. McBeth, Lumber and Wood Products; Lonnie M. Conner, Paper, Printing, and Publishing; Reese R. Morgan, Chemicals and Petroleum Products; Malcolm E. Bernhardt, Metals; Keith B. Willis, Machinery; and Dale W. Gordon, Electrical Machinery and Transportation Equipment.

The application of the system of industrial classification of establishments was performed by William Cooper, Industry and Commodity Classification. Within the Industry Division, the preparation of the final manuscript for printing was the responsibility of Angela R. Daly.

In the Systems Division, systems and procedures were developed under the direction of Sol Dolleck, Chief, and Eugene L. Wendt, Assistant Chief for Periodic Censuses. The computer programing was planned and supervised by Mary H. Johnson, James W. Moyers, and Stephan Potemkin. Clerical procedures were developed by Evelyn V. Williams under the direction of Morris Gorinson and Samuel Schweid. Quality control plans and procedures were developed by Maxwell D. Joane. Clerical and electronic data processing and related operations were performed in the Processing Division under the direction of M. Douglas Fahoy, Chief; James W. Shores, Assistant Chief for Electronic Data Processing Operations; and E. Richard Bourdon, Assistant Chief for Processing Operations. The clerical work was supervised by Jerry S. Cooper.

Arthur W. Horowitz, in his capacity as Manufactures Coordinator, made important contributions to the planning and operational phases of the work.



A. Ross Eckler


Robert F. Drury
Deputy Director

Maxwell R. Conklin
Associate Director


Owen C. Gretton


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS—The 1965 and 1964 Annual Surveys of Manufactures were conducted under the direction of Owen C. Gretton, Chief, and Milton Eisen, Assistant Chief, of the Industry Division. As is the case in such matters, the results of this survey are the product of many individuals, both in the program division and in the operation divisions—the Systems Division and Processing Division.



Within the Industry Division, the management of the Annual Survey of Manufactures was the responsibility of Elmer S. Biles, Assistant Chief for Program Implementation, assisted by Robert E. Crowther and Helmuth R. Wiemann. Edward A. Robinson, Assistant Chief for Economic Research, had overall responsibility for developing concepts and planning the content of the survey. Louis J. Owen, Assistant Chief for Production and Process Statistics, coordinated the review of the product class shipments data and, assisted by Kenneth R. Brimmer, developed the statistics on consumption of fuels and electric energy. The aspects of sample design, estimation techniques, and variance formulas were carried out by Donald F. Clark and Carl J. Bostrom under the supervision of Jack L. Ogus, Assistant Chief for Research and Methodology. Willis K. Jordan, Staff Adviser to the Division Chief, also made significant contributions to the Survey.

The review and analysis of the data from an industry standpoint was carried out in nine commodity sections under the technical guidance of the following sector heads: Robert J. Nealon, Foods, Textiles, and Apparel; Cyril M. Wildes, Chemicals and Wood Products; and Paul F. Berard, Metals and Metal Prod. ucts. The chiefs of these industry sections are Charles H. W.

Issued May 1968

This vc me comprises data previously pu

shed in the 1964 and 1965 Annual Survey of Manufactures separate report series.
Library of Congress Card No. 52-60884


Suggested citation
U.S. Bureau of the Census, Annual Survey of Manufactures: 1964 and 1965. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 1968.

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с Annual Survey of Manufactures Establishment Report, Instruction

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