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ED 60-17

m. Budgeting for costs of operations and O&M support/MLS except for pay and related costs of military and civilian personnel (NOTE 1) which will be borne by the various services furnishing personnel. Funding, until absorbed at the Embassy, will be provided by the Department of the Army, from within existing resources.

7. Organization.

a. Concept. The Military Liquidation Section is organized as an integral part of the American Embassy under the political direction of the Ambassador, and operates under the general direction of USCINCEUR through CINCUSAREUR. The Section will operate under this general command arrangement until such time as there are no longer significant unified command interests in France. At this time, as mutually agreed betwee'ń CINCEUR and Chief of Staff, U.S. Army, the responsibility for general direction of the Section will be transferred to the Department of the Army. Operations will continue under this modified command arrangement until such time as remaining military interests and functions are reduced to a minimum and there remains no further significant physical custody of facilities and assets. At this time, the Section will be phased out and the Embassy will assume full responsibility for such residual military interests, functions and resources as may be appropriate. The date of transfer of responsibility and procedural details will be as agreed by appropriate State and Defense Department authorities.

b. Command. The Commanding General, USA, COMZEUR, initially is the designated Chief of the Military Liquidation Section as an additional duty.

c. Control.

(1) The U.S. Ambassador, France, exercises political direction of the Liquidation Section, which operates as an integral part of the Embassy.

(2) USCINCEUR, in close coordination with the Embassy, exercises general guidance in the development of policies and standards, insuring effective integration of State and Defense Department interests in relocation matters.

(3) CINCUSAREUR exercises day-to-day supervision of MLS operations in coordination with Amemb, Paris, in support of USCINCEUR/ Embassy policy. This includes:

(a) Review, evaluation and coordination of all action in areas of administration, personnel support, financial support and operations.

ED 6.0-17

(b) Provision of procedural guidance for the execution of the Liquidation Section mission:

1. In areas not presently covered by uni-service publications.

2. In areas in which current joint guidance requires amendment(s) to meet the unique circumstances of military relocation from France.

(4) Channels of communications: for uni-service matters, the channels of communication will be from the military department through the service component to the Liquidation Section and from the Liquidation Section through the service component to the military department.

d. Personnel and Phasing.

(1) Personnel manning of the Military Liquidation Section is on a joint basis, primarily utilizing current theater resources, and will be on an equitable share basis in accordance with the MLS workload. As the MLS workload decreases, personnel manning levels will be phased down accordingly.

(2) Assignment authority for personnel will derive from the JTD currently being prepared.

8. Administration and Support.

a. Headquarters: The headquarters for the Liquidation Section is designated as Embassy Building "G", 5 Avenue Gabriel, PARIS 8eme, France.

b. Administrative Support: The Embassy will provide on a reimbursable basis, initially from CINCUSAREUR and eventually from the Department of the Army, to the extent practicable, administrative and logistic support for the Liquidation Section. Logistic support will flow through Embassy - maanaged channels upon termination of military support facilities in the Paris area. These arrangements and basis for reimbursement will be made the subject of a support agreement between appropriate Department of Defense and State Department authorities.

c. Personnel Funding and Services.

(1) Pay, Allowances and PCS travel costs of military personnel assigned to the Liquidation Section will be borne by the respective military departments.

ED 60-17

(2) Pay and allowances of U.S. civilian employees and local national employees will likewise be borne by the respective military departments. (NOTE 1).

(3) The Embassy will provide Liquidation Section personnel with the same supporting services as those received by other embassy personnel.

(4) Liquidation Section personnel will wear appropriate civilian clothes and will carry Embassy identification cards.

d. Court-Martial jurisdiction and non-judicial punishment authority: to be prescribed by Chief, MLS, consistent with the UCMJ and service directives, and as approved by CINCEUR.

NOTE 1. Pay and allowances of U.S. civilian and local national employees will be borne by the respective military departments pending approval of the MLS JTD, at which time the Department of the Army assumes this responsibility.






[blocks in formation]



Washington, D.C., June 26, 1967. Mr. MILES Q. ROMNEY, Associate General Counsel, Special Subcommittee on Donable Property of the

Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives, Wash

ington, D.C. DEAR MR. ROMNEY: Reference is made to your telephone conversation with Mr. A. T. Bishop, of our Office, concerning sales proceeds experience in connection with the sale of foreign excess property in France.

I am enclosing a number of sales catalogues, together with lists of successful bidders, which we believe to be representative of the experience of the Paris Sales Office. The lists of successful bidders are correlated by item number to the sales announcement, indicating unit price and total price received by item, as well as the successful bidder, and whether the proceeds were in U. S. dollars or French francs.

We have attempted to select sales catalogues which concern the sale of end items of materiel on our understanding that you are not interested in the sale of scrap or sundry spare parts.

We feel that the sample provided in the enclosed is representative of experience in France. If, after analysis, you feel a wider range of sales transactions is essential, please let us know and we will obtain them for you. Sincerely,

H. S. ZARETZKY, Director, Supply Management Policy.

(NOTE.—The following lists of successful bidders have been modified by substituting for last column on the right (which relates to import or export limitations) a column showing the U.S. dollar acquisition cost and apparent condition for each item, as given in the sales catalog.

(Unless otherwise noted in the last column, apparent condition of each item is poor, used.)


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