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IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Amendment No. 5 effective on the date and year first above written.

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This Ameniment de made and entered into the 14th
of January. 1967 batnaon the Governmont of the
Unitad Statos of Norica acting through the Agoncy
for International Developraont and J & M ADRIANESSKUS
8.V. a corporation Incorporated in the Kingdom of
Dalgium with its offices located at 50 polostraat,
Hoboken, Dolgiun.

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IIKKA. Contract no. C60-720 wag executod between tho Unitod States of America and Contractor bn November 3, 1964, affectivo Novembor 16, 1964; and

UITORAL, the United States of America acting through the Agency for International Developmont have patually determined that this contract should be monded as provided in this amendments and

LLARIA2. this negotiated contract is authorized boy and executed pursuant to the statutory authority found in scotiono go3 and 633 of the foreign Assistance Act of 1961, a urgonded,

1. Part I, itcm 3 of the schadula do harcby anonded to road as follow3:

Provida a ninire Cacich outoida storage aroa of 100,000 squaro coat. Thio arca must

2. Part I, itor B of the Schedule da heraby amended to

read as follows:
• Provide funutm120fu warehouse storage area
of 20,000 square feat. This warchouse spaco

3. Part II, Itom s of the schedule io horoby anondod to read ab' follows:

.....Thio 33,000 squaro Leat is included within the total nindow roquireront of 100,000 square foot."

The above changes 2. 3 and 4 aro retroactive to July 2, 1963 ginco additional spaco was utilized to storo Government aimed iters and equipment. Such additional utilization was to the best datorest of tho U.S. Govormont.

5. Amonament No. 3 is further adonded by changing Part TV c

of tho Ochoculo frota • 1,700,000 to read "62,950,000." and Part IV d of the Schedulo Iron *$15.000.000" to read . "23,000,000,

In addition, the parties horeto mutually agree as follows 1. Bart XIX of the schedule of the original contract shall

bacare Part XX.

2. A now part XIX shall be added and will be sorced as


* Part 3%, Liloctivo January 14, 1967, the contractor,

in addition to tho arcag lcaidd in the Ec!cculo,
part I. 5 and 6 ani part II, s, agrono to make
available, the following promiscs which havo bcon
made available to tha contractoz by the city of
Antisary. Dolgium, on the basis of a verbal under-
standing coached betwoon the contractor and tho
city of Antwerp, Belgiun, ag rcpresented by the

The above promisos compriso 500,000 cq. ft. of outside
storage spaca located botwaon Oosterwool and wipbrug
at the port of Antwerp. Dolgium and Incluca all righto
and privileges granted to the contractor by the city of
Antwars with respect to this storago opaco for an
indefinito poriod of tima cormancing on the date of
the signaturo of this argoncment.

Tho Unitod States Governncnt hereby agrees to reimburse the contractor for the use of the above promicos en accordanco with the following scale of paymontas

a. I to 100,000 squaro laat at us.$.02 por square

foot per months

b. lco, 001 square foot and over at us.$.003 per

square foot par month pluo a flat overall charge
of Us.$1.200.

This open storago area will be partially guarded and patrollod.

82-554 0467-22

Billings by the contractor and roimbursemento by the United Statou Govornnent pertaining to the abova opaco will be in accordance with the valid provisions of this contract.

In the event of termination of this lease agroamant not caused by the United States Goverment, tha contractor guarantoos that the United States Government *211 be given a minimum period of six months in which to vacate the above described preni&os commencing with the date of receipt of the written notification to vacate, by the United States Government.

the contractor guarantees furthermore that in the event of termination of this lease agreement under the conditions described in the proceeding paragraph, the contractor will provide the United States Government with an alternative storage area in a reasonably convenient location which will be adequate for the purposes of vacating of the abovo premises roferred to in the proceeding paragraph and which will comprisa a maximum of 500,000 og. ft. of outside storage space made available by the contractor at the same or at a lower price than specified in this amendment.

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