HSK 1 Storybook Vol. 2: Stories in Simplified Chinese and Pinyin, 150 Word Vocabulary Level

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LEONG BIK YOKE, Jun 22, 2019 - Foreign Language Study - 198 pages

HSK 1 Storybook Vol. 2 consists of 12 short stories written in Simplified Chinese, with Pinyin and English translation. The purpose of this book is to provide readers with reading materials to practice their reading skills as well as an introduction to more extended sentence structure and longer articles compared to HSK 1 Storybook. The stories here are of course different compared to the stories in the first book.

HSK 1 Storybook Vol. 2 has all the vocabularies in HSK 1. If you finish the book, you would have practiced your reading skill on all the vocabularies in HSK 1. I have tried to restrict the vocabularies used in this book to HSK 1 as far as possible. Where it is not possible, I have introduced limited new words in the story. If you have learned all the HSK 1 Vocabulary and completed the Standard Course Book for HSK 1 by Jiang Liping, you would be able to read around 85% of this book (and if you have learnt the new words in HSK 1 Storybook, you would be able to read around 95% of this book) without learning any new words. I consider the HSK 1 Vocabulary together with the new words introduced in Standard Course Book as Extended HSK 1 Vocabulary and I will refer to it as such from now on.

HSK 1 Storybook Vol.2 has the following sections:

•Story – this section is the story in Simplified Chinese without Pinyin and the English translation.

•Statistics – this will provide the reader with an analysis of the words used in the story and the level of difficulty. It will set out new words along with pinyin and explanation.

•Pinyin and Translation – this will be the section for Pinyin and English translation.

•Appendix – for the benefit of those who need assistance on the HSK 1 and Extended HSK 1 vocabularies, I have included them in this section for your reference.

The stories in this book are individual stories. A reader may choose to read this book in any particular order. To help you decide which story to read first, you may take a look at the Statistics before you begin. The difficulty level for each story varies.

Text to speech function has been enabled for the e-book version. You may also download the audio files for free with the link and password provided on the last page.

Lastly, I am sorry to disappoint those who enjoy reading a book with pictures because this book has no picture, only words. For the rest who doesn’t like the distraction of pictures, I hope you will enjoy reading this book. If you have any feedback, please feel free to visit https://allmusing.net.


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Table of Contents
1 My Daughter is in Beijing
Pinyin and Translation 2
Pinyin and Translation 3
Pinyin and Translation 4
6 To the United States or China?
7 Will it be Difficult to Learn Chinese?
Pinyin and Translation 8
10 Learn How to Use A Computer
Pinyin and Translation 11

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